Trademark shall mean a sign in the form of a picture, name, word, letters, figures, composition of colors, or a combination of said elements, having distinguishing features and used in the activities of trade in goods or services.

Isnaini, Muchlis & Partners (IMPLAW) offers excellent service Integrated Intellectual Property right services. We develop our expertise on taking care the innovation right since beginning. Our field of experience from Registering, Filling and Prosecution of trademark registrations, Assignment, Licensing, Maintenance of registered trademarks. Giving advice on trademark matters Ownership search. We know very well on Opposition and litigation on trademark cases.

The benefit of registering a trademark

  • The owner of a registered mark shall have the exclusive right granted by state for a certain period of time, to himself or the authorized party to use said mark.
  • The owner of a registered mark shall have legal protection for a period of 10 (ten) years computed from the filing date and the protection period can be extended.
  • Discourages others from using confusingly similar marks in the first place by making the mark easy to find in a trademark availability search, thereby preventing problems before they even begin.
  • Provides nationwide notice of ownership of the mark as of the registration date, preventing others from claiming their subsequent adoption of the mark was in “good faith”.
  • Serves as evidence of the validity and exclusive ownership of the mark for the goods and services listed in the registration, with heightened protection after five years and the possibility of becoming “incontestable,” which can help not only in court proceedings but perhaps more importantly in quickly convincing others to cease using a mark without the need to go to court.

What can we assist you?

  • Searching and pre-filing advice
  • Application filings and prosecution
  • Trademark renewals
  • Recordal of trademark assignments, mergers, changes of name or address
  • International Trade Mark Registration Services Offers an international trade mark registration service covering jurisdictions throughout the East Timor, ASEAN, Asia, China, Far East/Middle East, Australia, Europe, USA, Russia region, and other parts of the world.

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